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These 9 Things Happen In Your Body When You Eat Eggs


Many people were studying the properties of hen eggs. Mostly they were talking about bad things about them. However, it has been proven that the composition of chicken eggs is in fact very unique in several ways.

For this reason, we have collected some evidence from recent studies, and in today’s article, we will talk about the good properties of eggs. In fact,  two or three eggs per day could be the perfect dose.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Eggs

  1. Fight against the aging process

One study conducted by Dutch researchers found out that 87% of women aged 35-40 years who consumed eggs have reduced their age spots. Moreover, their skin was also smoother and flawless. Eggs can also reduce eye wrinkles that occur in men.

  1. Decrease the cancer risk

The choline which is found in eggs can reduce the risk of cancer. A study that examined the daily diet in adolescence women that involves eggs claims that the risk of breast cancer is reduced by 18%.

  1. They are useful when planning pregnancy

B vitamins are part of the formation of sex hormones. For example, vitamin B9 or folic acid can help red blood cells and the fetal nerve tube to form. It also decreases the risk of mental disorders in children. That’s why folic acid is very necessary for women during pregnancy. One chicken egg contains 0.7mcg of this vitamin.

  1. Good for your eyesight

Some new studies have shown that chicken eggs are rich in lutein. This compound is responsible for a healthy and sharp vision. If you suffer from lutein deficiency, your eyesight will begin to weaken and some destructive changes in the eye tissue will appear.

  1. Keep your thyroid healthy

One egg has 15 mcg of selenium that keeps regulates your thyroid hormones. Moreover, this mineral protects the thyroid gland and boosts your immunity.

  1. Keep your nails, hair, and skin healthy

Biotin, vitamin B12, and other digestible nutrients improve the state of your nails and hair. Furthermore, eggs contain phospholipids that help eliminate toxins from the liver.

  1. Control the cholesterol level in the blood

Raised cholesterol levels can the cause of cardiovascular problems. We know there are two types of cholesterol – the good and bad. And despite all the rumors, eggs i.e. the egg yolk contains good cholesterol.

  1. Encourage weight loss

Some American scientists have concluded that by combining low-calorie foods and chicken eggs will help you lose weight faster. This combination will keep your hunger at bay and boost your energy. But, make sure you don’t exaggerate with their consumption.

  1. Improve calcium absorption

Vitamin D is essential when it comes to calcium absorption. Eggs can boast with their vitamin D content. That’s why they are so beneficial for healthy bones and teeth.