The Ingredient That Is More Powerful And Healthier Than Coconut Oil. Did You Try It?


If you are interested in a healthy diet, you have certainly heard about coconut oil and milk, but have you heard of coconut butter? Coconut butter is the most delicious spread you can imagine, and it is very healthy.

What Is The Difference Between Coconut Butter And Coconut Oil?

There is a big difference between coconut oil and butter, in both nutritious value and culinary properties.

The distinction between coconut butter and coconut oil is its structure and the way it’s processed.  Coconut oil is only fat that is pulled out from the coconut, whilst coconut butter is obtained by grinding all the content of the coconut. The coconut butter is prepared from raw and chopped coconut. It consists of coconut puree, which is made of pure coconut flesh. A single spoon of coconut butter contains two grams of fiber, it also contains a certain amount of magnesium, potassium, and iron.

Coconut Butter is also called coconut “manna” or coconut cream.

Health Benefits Of Coconut Butter

It contains lauric acid, which also enriches the breast milk. The lauric acid helps protect against viruses, fungi, and bacteria boosts your immunity and protects the body from cancerous diseases.

Coconut butter also has the ability to accelerate your metabolism, which contributes to weight loss and energy boost. It is rich in healthy fats, therefore it prolongs the feeling of satiety. It contains potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, and lot of important amino acids.

How To Use Coconut Butter?

Here are some examples of how coconut butter can be used:

  • Take a spoon of coconut butter directly from the jar – it’s very tasty
  • Slightly melt it and pour it over peach, apricot, watermelon, pumpkin, apple or some other fruit of your choosing
  • Add it to a morning meal, smoothie, oatmeal, muesli, or pudding
  • Use it as bread spread
  • Add it to cooked dishes like on rice or pasta – you will get an interesting taste
  • Dissolve it and pour it over strawberries, cherries, blueberries you will get the most delicious dessert
  • Mix it with raw cocoa, get the healthiest chocolate spread for cakes or pancakes
  • It can be used in the preparation of various dishes and cakes as an alternative to regular butter. You will need to add a little bit more because it is less moist than ordinary butter.

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