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Have This Mix Before Bed and Clean the Colon of All Daily Food


For healthy beverages, this one here is the best. It has nutrients and makes a great detox, boosted metabolism and good weight loss.

Lots of people have troubles with the deposits of the belly fat and this is mainly due to genes, hormones, and other mistakes along the way. This really looks unappealing and triggers health issues too.

This so-called ‘visceral’ fat or abdominal fat is looking like a gel and is wrapped all around and above pancreas, and the kidneys, and even liver. This is toxic and makes inflammation paths and molecules that damage hormonal health. in fact, it has a huge effect on us and acts like organ by itself.

As we said, this fat triggers health issues even serious ones. For now, many studies said this is harmless but also triggers many issues like:

Sleep issues
Sexual problems
Coronary disease

Having diet and life changes is a good start, also a healthy diet is a must, workouts, and such.

This recipe below is great for this fat combined with fat burning items.

All items work together to remove feces of the colon and help in weight loss. Parsley is the main item and has many benefits:

Less anxiety and stress
Low uric acid
No bad breath
More antioxidant and volatile oils
No cancer and tumors
Less edema
No inflammation
No water excess
Cleansed blood
No kidney and bladder problems
You need:

Handful parsley
100 ml kefir
1 tbsp ginger grated
1 tbsp flaxseed flour
1 tsp of cinnamon
1 tsp vinegar

Method and use:

All items are blended and made smooth. Have a glass of this before dinner.