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Eat Two Bananas A Day And After A Month This Will Happen To Your Body

People often do not have time to eat healthily and they usually opt for fast food, instead of fruits and vegetables.
Nutritionists and scientists cannot discover why the population in the West eats such food, instead of natural ingredients that have many nutrients.

Think of bananas. They are full of nutrients, they are tasty and monkeys love them for a reason.

Many nutritionists recommend eating 2 bananas daily for a period of one month. This will make big positive changes in your health.

Here are some reasons why bananas are very healthy:

– They contain a lot of potassium and almost no sodium. This is a great combination for heart health and blood pressure. One study showed that if you eat bananas every day the risk of getting a heart attack will be reduced to 40%.

– If you suffer from constipation you should eat a couple of bananas. They are full of fiber and they can help you to get rid of the problems with your intestines.

– Are you weak and exhausted? They will give you a lot of energy and you can also eat them as a snack before your workout. Many athletes always have bananas in their bags.

– They contain antacid which means that they can help with heartburn.

– If you are iron deficient you should eat bananas. They can stimulate the production of hemoglobin and red blood cells, which can help anemic people.

– They fight against a sore throat and coughs.

– Serotonin is the hormone of happiness. The body transforms the tryptophan into serotonin and you can find it in bananas. So the next time when you feel depressed and sad just eat a few bananas.

– Bananas can also improve concentration. Students who eat them three times daily have a higher level of concentration. They contain a lot of potassium which can stimulate the brain, learning, and memory.

– They are also good for pregnant women. It can increase the blood sugar level which pregnant women need when they feel morning sickness.