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Your Fingernails Can Send You Warning Signs About: Inflammation, Organ Failure Or Even Worse


There is an important relationship between your fingernails and health issues, as they can give you a signal of and warn you about numerous diseases.

Look carefully at the fingernails. Also look attentively at the nail grooves, dips, ridges, and curves. Are they thick and thin or they are chipped and broken? Look at the nail color, the skin underneath and its surrounding, too. Nails reflect our general state of health.


1. Thick nails

Even though it is normal to have thick nails, you should be careful if your nails look like talons or claws. Thick nails may symbolize lung disease, whereas rough-textured nails may show fungal infection. Moreover, separated and thick nails may indicate psoriasis and thyroid disease.

Thickness represents a warning sign of poor circulation. Medications, which cause allergic reactions, may also lead to thick nails.

2. Discolored nails

Healthy fingernails have pink color with white moons at their basis. If your fingernails have another color, you may suffer from some disease.

A heart valve infection can be manifested with red streaks on the fingernails, whereas green finger nails may indicate bacterial infections.

In addition, bluish fingernails may indicate reduced levels of oxygen, whereas dull fingernails may mean lack of vitamins. Moreover, white fingernails can symbolize lung disease, such as hepatitis. Terry’s nails (or fingernails with dark stripes) may indicate congestive heart failure or symbolize aging.

3. Split nails

Split nails usually fall in layers. Even though many people attribute this problem to nail polish, split nails may occur as a result of protein deficiency, lack of vitamins and folic acid.

Pitted nail base and split fingernails may indicate psoriasis and chronic malnutrition.

4. Clubbed fingernails

Clubbed nails are characterized by swollen skin underneath and puffed fingers. Nail clubbing appears when nail tips enlarge and curve around the fingers. Clubbed nails may indicate AIDS, liver disease, and lung disease, particularly if you suffer from breathing difficulties.

5. Ridges

A healthy nail has a smooth surface with invisible nail lines. Ridges may indicate a few health issues, like lack of iron, lupus and inflammatory arthritis.

6. Concave nails

Concave nails look like a spoon, creating a dip. Concave nails can indicate numerous health issues, like heart disease, anemia and lack of iron, heart disease, hypothyroidism, and hemochromatosis, which represents a liver disease caused by increased absorption of iron.

7. Pitted nails

Tiny dips in the fingernails can indicate numerous health issues, such as lack of zinc, alopecia areata – an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss, psoriasis, connective tissue disorder, and its related to a lingering disease.

8. Dry and brittle nails

Brittle and dry nails can cause hormonal imbalances and bacterial infections. The main cause of dry and brittle nails may be thyroid disease. According to the researchers of The American Academy of Dermatology, nail fungus can make nails crumbly and dry. If you find out you have got a nail infection then check out this clear nails plus – txhealthpool.org review to see if it can help fix your nails.

9. Beau’s nails

Beau’s lines represent indentations across the nails. They can be related to numerous health issues, like diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, and fever-related illnesses, like measles, pneumonia, mumps and scarlet fever.

10. Yellow nails

The nails may get yellow color due to nail polish and smoking. However, yellow nails may also indicate some health issues, like psoriasis, diabetes, thyroid disease and respiratory disease, like chronic bronchitis.

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