A man was left in shock when his mother suggested that he leave his wife of four years because she couldn’t have children. Read on for the full story!

After finding out they couldn’t have children, one couple had no idea how they were going to tell their own parents.

According to a post on Reddit, after being married for four years, the man and his wife were told that they would not be able to conceive a child due to problems with his wife’s fertility.

“[It] was absolutely devastating for her and she’s only recently been able to accept it and move on,” the man wrote. “However for the sake of privacy we kept this to ourselves (my wife insisted not to tell our parents) and everything has gone back to normal.”

Still, the man’s mother continued “badgering” the couple about making her a grandmother, something they initially thought was normal.

It wasn’t until the pair had dinner with the man’s mother and father that things took a shocking turn for the worse.

“My mom brings up the grandkids thing again. I try to change the subject as it is clearly upsetting my wife but my mom just kept going on and on about how the best part of life is having kids of your own,” the husband wrote. “It was seriously like she knew my wife couldn’t have kids and was trying to f*** with her, it was insane.”

“I could tell my wife was on the verge of bursting into tears so I decided to inform my parents of our situation,” he added.

Expecting his mother to drop the subject and console her daughter-in-law, the man was absolutely stunned when his mother finally decided it was time to put in her two cents.

“I was expecting my mom who has always been an incredibly sweet woman to run over and hug my wife and apologize and tell her everything was going to be ok,” the man said. “But instead she looked me dead in the eye and said ‘Marriage is about having children and raising a family if Claire can’t give you that then maybe you should be exploring your options.’”

After the shock wore off, the man’s wife fled from the restaurant in tears, and they both assumed that his mother would quickly apologize.

Although the mother has since given a very forced apology, her son says she’s now taken it upon herself to split the couple up at all costs.

Most of the commenters on Reddit absolutely stood by the man and his wife, with some even suggesting cutting the mother out of their lives completely.

“Family isn’t blood, it’s people that choose to care for each other’s well-being. If your mother isn’t going to care, she isn’t real family like those that will support you,” one Redditor wrote.