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Little Boy Will Lose 75% Of His Vision Because Of A Toy That Almost Everyone Have In Their Home.

74807-large-286027Many healthcare professionals and the authorities as well are warning the parents from all over the world: do not use laser pointer, it can be very dangerous. The ABC spread the news about a boy who lost 75% of his sight because of exposure to laser pointer.

This happened when he was checking its features. This is the reason why the optometrists want to warn every parent that there might be a negative result when playing with this “simple” toy. The kid who played with the toy permanently damaged his eyes and sight. It was caused by a laser point that can be bought in every shop.

One experienced optometrist (Ben Armitrage-Australia) was asked to discover what caused the problems with the eyesight of the boy. He claimed that the kid made a visit to his parent’s office and was exposed to the pen light of the laser. It was for a short period of time, but that was the reason why he lost 75% of his sight.

The laser made visible burns on each eye and the retina that is in the back of the eyes was damaged. The kid did not feel any pain, but the problem with the vision started immediately. The worst part of the story is that he lost 75% of his eyesight because he affected the area where the detailed central vision can be found.

The optometrist says that this situation cannot be resolved with glasses.
Our eyes are very complex and our vision can be found in a very small area. He compared them with a camera. If the film camera does not work, then the quality of lenses will not make any difference to the final result because the sensor cannot be repaired.

A laser that has power of 5MW may lead to severe damage and other lasers that have power between 3 to 5 MW are safe to use. Most of the laser pointers that can be found in the USA market are working by this regulation.
Still, you must be aware that not all of them are following these regulations and you must be careful when buying one.

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