They Lost Everything They Had Only Because Of This Simple Mistake, It Can Happen To Anyone

Mark and Becky wanted to move to their new home. For this, they hired professionals, who should have loaded the stuff and carry them to the new address.

After some time, they have found a company on the Internet, owned by a certain Lee Green.

The profile of the company and their Website looked quite seriously, and they even met with Lee personally, in order to agree on all the details.

On a moving day, the truck came right in time.

All their belongings were loaded in less than an hour. Mark and Becky have enthusiastically praised the workers!

But it was a big mistake!

When the family drove to their new home, two hours later, there was no sign of the truck with their furniture.

In the end it turned out that the company of Lee Green is non-existent. It was all a scam, whose aim was to get clients pay them money and take all their belongings.

Now, Mark, Becky and their baby had nothing!

Even though they got all possible financial and moral support from their family and friends, they still can’t believe what happened to them. Among the stolen furniture and personal belongings, were their wedding rings, which are now lost forever.

At least at they learned a very important lesson!

You can never be too careful on the Internet!

Share this unpleasant news, to prevent these people from finding new victims!

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