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Foods With Almost No Calories And A Tons Of Nutrients


To effectively lose the excess pounds and sustain a healthy weight, you need to combine both, exercise and eating. That is regular exercise, at least 3 times a week, and eating the right foods in the right amounts.

Low-calorie foods can significantly aid in not just losing the extra pounds, but ensuring that you maintain a healthy weight in the long-term. In this article, we share some low-calorie foods and how they can help in your weight loss journey. Therefore, you should consider incorporating them into your daily diet.

Low-Calorie Foods For Weight Loss

1. Filling Grains

Go for 100% whole grains, such as oatmeal and brown rice, as opposed to white rice and morning cereal. Whole grain fibers contain fewer calories and are instrumental in balancing blood sugar levels. They provide a feeling of satiety and help prevent you from overeating in the course of the day. Thus, they are ideal for breakfast.

2. Energy Burning Greens

Research has shown that there’s a particular type of foods that have a negative calorie effect. To be more specific, these foods are low in calories and help burn them fast, as they require more energy for digestion. One of these foods is broccoli. Namely, you’ll need about 80 calories to digest a cup of broccoli, while they contain only 31 calories. This means that you could easily burn 55 calories, by simply eating them. Isn’t that amazing? If you don’t fancy broccoli, then you can eat cauliflower, zucchini, celery, and asparagus, as they have the same effect.

3. Cabbage

Cabbage is valued because of its properties, which help in the prevention of cancer and heart disease. However, it is also an incredible food for weight loss. 100 grams of cabbage contains about 25 calories. It is very filling and versatile, so you can have it in salads, coleslaw, or even in soup.

4. Mushrooms

All types of mushrooms have relatively low amounts of calories. In 100 grams of any type of mushrooms, there are about 22 calories. This makes them a great alternative to beef. There are hundreds of recipes for preparing mushrooms, so you will never get bored eating these delicious fungi. The next time you crave for a beef burger, consider having a mushroom burger instead, and see what a difference it can make in your weight loss journey.

5. Grapefruit

Very often grapefruit is viewed as a diet food because it has the ability to accelerate a sluggish metabolism. Heart patients are also encouraged to take this fruit after surgery. Grapefruit contains very low amounts of calories, compared to many other fruits, which tend to have higher calories in comparison to vegetables. 100 grams of grapefruit contains about 42 calories.

6. Scallions

Also referred to as green onions, scallions are incredibly low on calories, sodium, and are fat-free, yet full of flavor. Research indicates that scallions are key for reducing inflammation as well as for lowering the risk of certain cancers. They can be used in cooking stews, stir-fries or can be added to omelets and salads. 100 grams of scallions contain about 31 calories.

7. Turnips

This vegetable is rarely consumed on its own, but you’ll find it incorporated into other foods or as part of a side dish. You can also have it in a salad. In 100 grams of turnips, there are about 28 calories.