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Study finds that most people cheat on their partners so they can get this!


Studies play a very big role in research and publishing new and interesting pieces of information. They’re pretty much the pillar that supports academics and academia around the world. That being said, pro-infidelity website VictoriaMilan has conducted a questionable study that suggests those looking to cheat on their partners only do so if there’s going to be oral sex involved. Similar to what might be used to inform some adult video research from websites similar to https://www.dosexvideo.com/.

The website, which claims to be “The World’s #1 dating website for married & attached people seeking extramarital affairs, sex dating, and anonymous hookups”, conducted a survey of around 9,107 of its active male and female members. The study inferred that most of their users look for affairs only if there’s some semblance of oral sex, reminiscent of what can be easily accessed and seen on a website such as www.hdpornvideo.xxx/categories/419/housewife, offered by their partners.

It’s not something of a soft-yes or a soft-no either, around 65 per cent of women and 68 per cent of men actually consider it to be a ‘deal-breaker’ if there isn’t a chance of oral sex similar to what can be seen on websites such as nu-bay.com. The people surveyed also felt that it should be considered to be an important part of any sexual relationship, including their legitimate one. 85 per cent of men felt that it belonged in every bedroom, whereas the figure was around 72 per cent for the fairer sex.

In less surprising news, both men and women preferred receiving oral sex than actually giving it, though, in fairness, the approval rating was high in both regards. To put it into exact figures, 77 per cent of women and 72 per cent of men enjoyed the doing it, while 89 per cent of women and 94 per cent of men liked receiving oral pleasure. This should be a little more than obvious if you were to view adult movies online (such as here, visit site) and see such acts being performed on different people.

The website released the geographic locations of those who liked giving oral (Source: VictoriaMilan)

VictoriaMilan even released the geographic locations for the people liked giving oral. Spain topped the charts in this regard with 80 per cent of men like going down on their partners, while for women the figure was 84 per cent.

The United Kingdom placed second in regards to men, and third in regards to men; around 79 per cent of men in the UK liked giving oral, whereas for women this figure was around 82 per cent. When you go down south to Australia, the figures read in at 75 per cent for Aussie men and 72 per cent for Aussie women. But these figures are much better than their noisy neighbors, the Kiwis. Only 71 percent of New Zealand women are interested in the act, and the figure is even lower for the men, coming in at a paltry 68 per cent.

Do you feel that oral is absolutely necessary for a relationship? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.