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This Woman Squeezed Her Lip For A Year Until A Doctor Found This!


You’ve probably already heard of Dr. Sandra Lee, a certified dermatologist who has also specialized in a pimple and cyst extraction. The kind of skin issues she deals with in her practice on daily basis is attention-grabbing for some, while for others, it literally stomach-turning. But, thinking that these cosmetic issues can often turn into something more serious, such as this patient’s cyst on her upper lip, is really upsetting.

Watch the video below for more information.

As Dr. Lee’s put it, “like a little river stone,” the cyst has just popped out of the upper lip. Fortunately, her patient is positively relieved not to have the giant cyst anymore and, except for a small scar, there will be no other indication that it was once there. This video proves that going to a dermatologist can be more beneficial than scary. It can be a worrying feeling to see something on your face or body and not know what it could potentially be, that is why seeing New York/Los Angeles/London dermatologists can be highly beneficial for your skin and physical health. They can assess what has happened and what it could potentially be and then go down the route of advising or removal and testing, which can help calm you down and bring clarity to the situation. Contact your local dermatologist if you feel like there is an issue, or you have noticed something recently that was not previously there, it just takes an appointment to get you further into what you need to know.