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Top 10 Exercises to Strengthen Your Back and Reduce Back Pain


Back pain affects almost 60% of the population. Every second man or women have this problem. The most affected are people aged between 20 and 40.

Taking pills is the usual way to solve this problem. The pain usually can last for days, so even the strongest pills cannot help you. The pain is usually caused by pregnancy and childbirth, excessive sitting, pressure on nerves (osteoarthritis, curvature of the spine), injuries and compression fractures (a consequence of the strong pressure on the spongiform bone). Medication is a way of managing the pain, but only temporarily. When it comes to a situation such as exessive sitting, by looking into something like office furniture from office monster, you may be able to find a solution to this issue. You may not have thought that your chair you use everyday could be a factor to suffering from back and neck pains. A simple change can possibly make all the difference to your health.

Taking pills can help you stop the pain, but doing a few simple exercises will have the same effect. We suggest exercising at home in order to reduce the pain, although you should also seek an advice from a physician in order to avoid major injuries.



For the back pains, experts often recommend Pilates exercises. The Pilates exercises are not only for women, men can do it also. They can also practice Pilates as well and feel its benefits. With Pilates you can encourage proper posture, increase flexibility and strengthen muscles and awareness of your own body. It is very important to pay attention to deep breathing, high head carriage and maintaining symmetry and balance. If you want to avoid any cause for feeling pain you must exercise gently and slowly. When I hurt my back, I also found that doing pillates in conjunction with getting a massager for my back really helped.

Infant Pose

This exercise also plays a major role in addressing back pain. You can do it at home and do not need any special equipment.

All you have to do is: kneel and sit on your heels. Being in this position spread the knees and tilt your head forward. Do these movements until you manage to place your head on the floor (touching the floor with your forehead).

You can stretch your arms either in front of you or behind you. Your head should be in the same straight line as your knees. Stay in this position for a while until you feel your muscles relaxed.

Stretching The Arms And Legs While In Kneeling Position

Kneel and lean on your hands. Make sure the spine is straight. Look down. Inhale, extend your left arm and right leg, and breathe in three times. Exhale and return to the starting position. Repeat these movements with the opposite arm and leg.

Cat’s And Cow’s Poses

Exercise with an interesting name, but even more interesting position. Kneel and rely on your hands, look down and make sure that the spine is straight. Your palms should be under your shoulders and knees directly under your hips. Breathe. Then, during exhaling pull the stomach inwards as you and fold your back as you can, like a cat.

From this position jump to cow’s position: Inhale and slowly twist your back down, one vertebra at a time. Lift your head. Abdominal muscles should be under pressure in order to comply with the lower part of the back. Repeat this exercise from cat’s to cow’s position and vice versa.

Swimming Pose

As always is known that if we want to develop properly, or to have the right spine, we should deal with swimming. So, there are a number of exercises that are similar to swimming. Lie on your stomach. Extend your arms in front of you and slide on your stomach. Extend your arms and legs and slightly lift them off the floor while looking down. Now lift your left arm and right leg and pause for a few seconds. Repeat the same with the other leg and arm.


Special exercises of yoga are intended to reduce or prevent pain in the low back. Yoga has relaxing and beneficial effects on the health of the entire organism. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have with this type of exercise regime, as there are many diy yoga poses that you can follow which are suited for beginners. It may not be long until you are ready to advance into some different poses that can benefit your health in other ways.

Raising The Knee

Lie on the floor. Gently pull your left knee toward your chest and hold it in this position for a few seconds. Then spread your legs and repeat the same with the right knee. Repeat this several times. Then place both knees to the chest and remain in this position as long as possible. After this exercise you will feel relief and relaxation in the lower back. Repeat this exercise every day, in order to prevent further pain.

Cobra Pose

If the pain is already present, this activity should be performed slowly. Lie on your stomach and rely on your hands. Now, slowly bend your back backwards. Hold this position for a few seconds.

Pose “Triangle”

This exercise you may seem complicated or unpleasant when you do it, if you are a beginner try to survive as long as possible, even to the end. Stand up, spread your legs and rely on the left side.

Place the left hand on the left knee, hold your back straight. Spread the right arm high and watch it. Hold this position for a few seconds. Return to starting position and repeat the exercise on the right side of the body. Repeat on both sides until you feel relief in the lower back.I


If you are able to go swimming it would be great for your problem. Swimming is an ideal sport for people who suffer from back pain, relaxes and strengthens muscles. Before you go swimming make sure that you know the proper techniques of swimming. If you are not familiar, don’t be shy and ask the instructor to explain you.

Swimming will be easier if you use a mask or goggles for swimming. In order to maintain proper posture you can use floating objects such as life jackets. You can perform a number of other exercises to relax your back and strengthen your muscles.

Take good care of your back and don’t wait for the pain to kick in before you start doing these exercises. Rehearse every day – this will prevent back pain and you will feel great after. If back pain persists, it is recommended that you see a podiatrist; visit site to see services they can provide.