You’ve been sitting on the toilet wrong your whole life. This is how to do it right.


We come up with all kinds of reasons why our stomachs feel upset or our digestion is out of whack.

But, come to find out, it could all be a matter of improper toilet seat positioning. We take it for granted that we are just supposed to plop right down on the circular porcelain commode and do our business. But you could, in fact, be doing it all wrong.

t1How do you sit down while on the toilet? Probably like this, right?


Or maybe like this when you are really tired or really trying to go. But this is actually worse than the other position.


t2Basically, in that position, you are cutting off proper passage in your intestines, hence this is why you have to exert so hard and this extra exertion can lead to constipation, irritable bowel, hemorrhoids and even colon cancer.

Theres another position coined the 35-degree position which is much more natural and does not cut any flow or movement off at all. This is actually the normal position in many other cultures. It is only in the West that the other style, the 90-degree position, is considered normal. Nobody knows how or why this unnatural position developed.

So what can we Westerners do, short of trying to build a whole new custom toilet? The answer is pretty simple. Just implement a stool in your bathroom as this will provide your feet with enough rise to make bowel movements become much more natural.

You can still manage to read your paper, your book or check your phone in the 35-degree position. Give it a try and see if any digestive issues improve!

When you realize that this indeed could improve digestion, then you can see how huge this could be. Its amazing how other cultures already seem to understand this, yet we have always taken it for granted that our way is the most natural way, when clearly this isnt the case!

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