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Female Tourist Ignores Safety Signs And Gets Blown To Her Death By Jet Engine Blast


Apart from the open blue sky, golden beaches, and spindling trees, the Carribean island is also famous for the Princess Juliana International Airport. The airport is like any other place for the commercial aircraft to take off or land but what makes it stand out is, people can witness all of these activities from real close keeping the cautious signs in mind.

Watch Your Head

Although the place is a tourist attraction, the grills shout out loud and clear regarding the danger that might also take their lives away. The jet air blast can blow away the onlookers endangering their lives. In spite of so many sign boards being put up, people are still turning blind risking their life. According to the New Zealand Herald, a 57-years-old woman from New Zealand was yet another victim of such incident who gave no damn to the warnings and went close to the fence to watch a Boeing 737 take off right above her. Sadly, she lost her balance because of the air blast of the engines, striking her head on the concrete and leading to her sad demise right away.

The Director Speaks

The director of tourism for the island of St Maarten, Rolando Brison had a word with the Herald and said,“I met with the family of the deceased this evening and while they recognised that what they did was wrong, through the clearly visible danger signs, they regret that risk they took turned out in the worst possible way. At this time I only wish to express my deepest sympathy to the family and loved ones while we continue to investigate what transpired just hours ago.”

As per the aviation commentator, Peter Clark the jet blast was “incredibly dangerous”, particularly if someone was standing behind a large aircraft. “There’s less than 50m from the end of the runway to the water. It’s a normal runway but it’s just very much, it’s a very tight runway . . . the planes come right over that beach, virtually to touch down. People know the dangers . . . it would pick you up like a piece of paper.”

Though this wasn’t the only incident, one such woman had done a similar mistake but was lucky enough and managed to survive somehow. Watch the video below.