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You Shouldn’t Eat Watermelon In The Evening: There Are Two Great Reasons For It


The favorite summer fruity treat for most people is watermelon. But beware when you are consuming watermelon, because if you enjoy it in the evening, you will face unpleasant consequences.

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Watermelon Before Going To Bed

If you eat a watermelon at night, you will experience very bad digestion that will keep you awake all night, and the consequences of poor digestion will be felt the next day. Moreover, you should not forget about the constant need for urination that will also torture you during the night. Watermelon, like most citrus fruits and cranberries, has diuretic property and should be avoided before bedtime.

During the day, eating watermelon is a completely different story. You can consume watermelon even if you are on a diet. Four cups of watermelon contain only 184 calories, and will surely saturate and refresh you, without having to pass 200 calories that most diets allow for a snack.

Don’t Eat The Watermelon Before You Wash It Thoroughly

It’s very important to wash the watermelon before you start to eat it. You should never forget this rule because the knife you are using to cut through the root of the watermelon collects all the bacteria. The particularly dangerous bacteria such as listeria will transfer to the fleshy part that you will eat later. And as the watermelon has a sweet taste, these bacteria will spread even more rapidly.

As advised by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, every watermelon immediately should be washed under a jet of cold water and rubbed with a clean brush, without any chemical agents after entering the house.

After you are done washing the watermelon, you should dry it well and then consume it.