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These Tips Can Help You Reduce up to 34 Inches of Belly Without Exercise


We are writing this article today to help you achieve a difficult goal, yet, not impossible. If you want to be successful and lose pounds and reduce your belly, you need to make an effort. By effort, we mean that you will need to choose a healthy diet and move your body.

However, you do not need to do squats, lunges or jumping jacks, but you still need to move every day so that your muscles know that a transformation is coming. Our best advice would be to climb up the stairs or walk out in the park for 10 minutes every day so that you can start the weight loss process. After starting your new lifestyle, you can then incorporate new exercises to help you keep the weight off. Before you know it, you’ll be having Tennis Lessons in St Louis or perhaps running the New York marathon. We are offering you the best tips to achieve this goal. Just keep reading.

How to Reduce Your Belly Without Exercise

Get Enough Rest

Your body needs rest so that it can process the fat cells peacefully. Make sure you sleep for 8 hours and avoid stress.

Detox Water

You should consume detox water because it really works. You can use different types, like with cucumber, lemon, cinnamon, or other ingredients. This way, you will detoxify the body and boost the metabolism.

More Proteins and Whole Grains

You need to stop eating processed, sugary or junk food, otherwise, you will not be able to lose weight. Instead, you need to eat healthy and delicious dairy products (low in fats), chicken, veggies, and porridges.

No Grapes or Bananas

They are natural, and full of vitamins and minerals, however, they are also rich in fats. Thus, you need to avoid them if you want to lose weight, or just eat them in really small amounts.

No Carbs After 3 PM

All the carbs you get into your body before 3 PM turn into energy, however, those that come after this time will turn into the body’s extra energy source, in other words, fat.

Decrease the Intake of Calories

Eat one meal every 3 hours and use small cutlery and plates. If you consume 2000 calories a day, you need to lower it to 1200-1500. This will be enough to lose weight.

Do Not Starve Yourselves

Last, but not least, we all know that if you do not eat, you will lose weight, however, this is not healthy, When you stop eating, the body will be frightened and it will protest in a terrible way. Also, after 2 months if you start to eat again, the body will remember the time when the consumption of food was limited and it will store the food for these times. Thus, this way, you can gain more weight than before.

If you have read carefully and you try all these tips we have suggested, we guarantee you that you will lose some weight and fast. Just try it. Good luck!