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A Puzzle That Many Have Failed To Solve: How Many Triangles Are In The Drawing?


Puzzles and illusions are fun, right? They are… but, sometimes they are not. Often, we are intrigued by them and they can also be so annoying if we do not know how to solve them. On the website, “Quora” appeared a type of brain teaser by author Kumara Ankita.

The puzzle actually is a free drawing that has been transformed into a phenomenal riddle.This drawing is portrayed as a great pyramid and you need to find the exact number of triangles in it.

What Is Your Answer To The Triangle Puzzle?

The drawing was shared several thousand times on Facebook, causing it to attract attention to a large number of users. Apart from the sharing number, the comments section is full, because the results are usually written in comments by the users, and the numbers ranged from four to 44. People used even computer programs to calculate the number of the triangles, but according to the creator of this puzzle, the answer and the explanation are down below.

Do you know how many triangles there are in the picture?

Do not worry if you fail from the first time to solve this riddle because you do not need to be a supernatural intelligent person to solve it. You just need to know the strategy and it’s already more than half of your work. By using the same strategy for each row, there are six triangles on each row of the pyramid.

Users are convinced that they have guessed correctly because they have concluded that there are 24 triangles.  But, they forget the most obvious fact which is the largest triangle, the one that surrounds all the triangles that are already within the pyramid.What was your number of triangles? Did you guess it from the first try? You can comment and explain your answer in the comment section.