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Turmeric and Honey; A Potent Antibiotic Even Doctors Can’t Explain


Without a doubt, turmeric is one of the most popular spices in the world, as it has extraordinary culinary and medical properties. Being mostly used in Indian, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for a long period of time, due to its many uses and popularity, its use has spread all over the world.

The spice has a unique flavor with a deep yellow color.Since it has powerful and natural properties, people use it as a remedy for a number of health problems, such as liver disease, skin problems, muscle sprains, respiratory issues, wounds and cuts and gastric issues.

In addition to this, it can be highly beneficial in dealing with digestion, inflammations, various types of infections and even against malignant tumors.

Here Is Why Turmeric Is Important For Our Health and Well-Being

Curcumin, the most active ingredient in turmeric, contains anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and antioxidant properties, making it a perfect and completely natural solution to gastritis, peptic and gastric ulcers, H. pylori, microbes and others.

Recent research points out that this vital substance has a positive effect on the DNA, inflammation molecules and overall survival of the cells. In addition to this, it has the power to lower osteoarthritis symptoms, as this can be achieved by just taking 200 mg of turmeric on a daily basis.

Turmerone is also another ingredient in turmeric, as it is known to be a bioactive element possessing the ability to improve the brain function of a person, and also treat Alzheimer’s by repairing the cells in the brain.

This is How to Make a Natural Antibiotic with Turmeric

Ingredients needed:

1 tablespoon of turmeric spice

100 grams of organic honey


Put the ingredients together in a glass jar and stir them well.


If you have the flu, take half a spoon of the antibiotic remedy every hour. The following day, take the same amount every two hours.

On the third day, repeat the dosage three times a day. But, before you swallow the remedy, make sure you leave it to melt in your mouth.

Feel free to add a cup of tea or milk with the remedy.